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          Date Archives: 2015


          Most pronounced words of 2015 on Forvo

          Forvo.com's annual list of the most requested pronunciations of the year is now out and it provides a fascinating insight into how we lived in 2015. Amongst the online pronunciation guide's lists this year we can see the global...

          December 24, 2015


          Recording blitz

          Sometimes those pesky words on Forvo can get 'stuck' in the pending pronounciation queue. It's nobody's fault and can be due to a number of reasons. We noticed this problem was particularly prevalent with one of the languages on...

          December 9, 2015


          And the award goes to...

          ...All of you! That's right folks, Forvo was presented with a special award last night and it's thanks to each and every one of you who takes time to contribute to Forvo and help make it the great resource that it is. The award was...

          November 20, 2015


          Phrases and Facebook

          Hi Forvo fans, Some of you may have already noticed that we've added phrases to Forvo. We wanted to help put into context all the words you record on Forvo and improve the learning experience. In order to record a phrase you first have to...

          November 13, 2015

          What’s New at Forvo

          Hi readers, You’ve probably noticed a few new things about Forvo this month - most notably new look of Forvo. We wanted to update everyone on the new features and answer a few commonly asked questions. Q: Can I still download words? A:...

          July 27, 2015

          Language #325

          Say hello to Luri, the newest language on Forvo. Luri is the language of the approximately 1.5 million inhabitants of Lorestan and its neighboring provinces in western and southwestern Iran. Luri’s reach as a language extends even further,...

          May 12, 2015


          Dear Readers, Have you seen our numbers lately? Forvo is nearing an important milestone by closing in on 3 million pronunciations on its site, and we can't wait to hear what the 3 millionth word will be. Will it be a wild card out of the...

          March 27, 2015


          The Editors Behind Forvo

          Even though us at Forvo like to think of the site as a helpful reference in a time of need, we know that Forvo would be no help at all without its over 500 editors that generously volunteer their time to help share their native language with...

          March 11, 2015


          Fashion Week 2015, Pronounced

          At Forvo, we think everyone should be able to understand and be understood. As part of Forvo's redesign, we will soon be debuting a new feature that will allow users to create and share lists. So not only will users be able to hear and...

          February 12, 2015


          2014 in Pronunciations

          Well readers, our annual list of most pronounced words is now out a month overdue, but better late than never. Besides being a curiosity to look at, the following lists tell us something about our time and place. What we wonder how to...

          February 9, 2015


          Forvo's New Years Resolutions

          This week's blog is dedicated to everyone who took time out of their day to tell us what we were doing right and what we can improve on. From all of your thoughts and comments, we have a lot to keep us busy in 2015: 1. Redesign Forvo 2....

          January 21, 2015