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          Category Archives: API

          New projects powered by Forvo API

          As a great ending to this terrific year in Forvo HQ, we are happy to announce two big new partners who are using Forvo pronunciations. Both are leaders in their languages: - Youdao Dictionary is the largest dictionary in China with more than...

          December 21, 2013

          Forvo API announcements

          Forvo API community is growing up to 2,000 developers so we would like to share with you some recent news about it. - Commercial release : Forvo pronunciation API can be used in projects with a clear commercial intention that's why we...

          October 17, 2012

          Promt teams with Forvo

          Promt , creator of popular translation services has teamed up with Forvo adding Forvo pronunciations into their translation software. This is the first translation service that is powered by Forvo native speakers giving the users the real...

          October 3, 2011

          Amazing new tools

          The first half of 2010 we've been very busy consolidating Forvo's infrastructure. Now we are ready to release a bunch of amazing tools for you. Last week we announced Forvo Translate , now it's time for more: - Forvo API : More...

          June 14, 2010

          Pre-inscriptions for the API opened

          Maximum speed at Forvo HQ. After ending the beta stage , now we are happy to announce the first steps of our long-waited API . We have opened a new site to give you more information about it and also to start receiving your pre-inscriptions ....

          March 23, 2010