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          Category Archives: Meta


          Forvo presents language guides at Atlantikaldia

          We had the huge pleasure of taking part in the Atlantikaldia Festival in Errenteria last weekend. For four days the Basque town was turned into a meeting place of cultures from around the world, with a special focus on the music, languages...

          September 26, 2016


          How well do you know British and Irish accents?

          Can you tell the difference between a Somerset accent and a Cornish accent? What about Cockney or Estuary English? Test your knowledge in the fun quiz below which has been put together by travel firm Expedia. The quiz challenges you to identify...

          September 13, 2016


          Gotta pronounce 'em all!

          Here at Forvo we've been getting into the Pokémon Go spirit. With the mobile augmented reality game hitting the world by storm, it's hard to go anywhere without bumping into someone attempting to catch one of the little blighters....

          August 24, 2016


          The Pronunciation Olympics on Forvo

          We're getting into the Olympic spirit at Forvo with the release of a series of pronunciation guides for Rio 2016. The guides, which you can find here , are designed to help people learn to pronounce some of the tricky names of athletes...

          August 12, 2016


          How do you pronounce Payet, B?aszczykowski and Griezmann?

          Euro 2016 has sparked a lot of interest in Forvo, with many of our users trying to find out how to pronounce the names of the some of the continent's top footballers. The top three requested pronunciations for the month of June were the...

          July 8, 2016


          New on Forvo - Certificates!

          At Forvo we believe that selfless collaboration between people is a really important value in our society and it should be a source of satisfaction and pride to be able to demonstrate that collaboration. With this in mind and by way of...

          June 15, 2016


          Fàilte Sophie! Forvo welcomes a Celtic visitor

          We were hugely honoured to have a visit from Sophie Stephenson to the Forvo offices this week. Scottish dancer Sophie is Gaelic artist in residence in the Basque Country as part of the Tosta 2016 project . Tosta is a pan-European...

          June 2, 2016

          Forvo reaches the half-million mark!

          Yep folks, we've done it. Forvo officially has over 500,000 registered users... and counting. We'd like to celebrate this fantastic achievement with all of our users as it's thanks to each and every one of you who make Forvo...

          May 25, 2016


          What's app-ening at Forvo?

          We've gone app crazy at Forvo these past few weeks. Here's what we've been up to. Forvo for iPhone We've released a major new version of of Forvo's app for iPhone with a completely updated interface. You can now record...

          May 19, 2016


          Forvo pronunciations now available on Ikusle.com

          We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with our friends at Ikusle to offer Forvo pronunciations on their newly-launched website. The pronunciation guide is available across the whole of ikusle.com . To listen to word...

          May 10, 2016


          Can you tell the difference between US and UK pronunciation?

          Do you know how to tell the difference between British and American pronunciation? Test your knowledge in our fun quiz!   Test your knowledge of the accents of English Can you tell the difference between US and UK accents? Try...

          April 14, 2016


          Johan Cruyff, Sláinte and Leicester most pronounced in March

          The sad passing of Dutch footballing legend Johan Cruyff was reflected on Forvo during the month of March. His name was one of the top searched for terms on the site over the past  week. As tributes poured in for the former Barcelona and...

          April 1, 2016


          Forvo pronunciations available on DuckDuckGo

          We're very excited to announce a new collaboration with the fantastic internet search engine DuckDuckGo. Now when you search for how to pronounce a word on their platform, Forvo pronunciations will be instantly displayed in your web browser....

          March 15, 2016


          Forvo launches new video section

          Now there are even more ways to learn how to pronounce on Forvo! With the launch of our new video section we aim to provide a complimentary service to our already extensive database of audio pronunciations. Initially available in...

          February 15, 2016


          January's most searched for words - Zika Virus, Revenant and Conchobar

          Although there can be exceptions, the words people look for on Forvo tend to reflect news stories that are currently making headlines around the world. With the Zika virus now topping 1.5 million cases worldwide, in January 2016 users...

          February 10, 2016


          Forvo teams up with The Name Engine

          We're really keen at Forvo to help make sure that learning correct pronunciation is accessible for everyone. This is why we've teamed up with our friends at The Name Engine to make sure users get the best of both worlds. The...

          February 9, 2016